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Airsine ecstacy!

Just received three Airsine powercords from VHAudio and just have to share my immediate impression with everyone. What a leap forward straight from the box. Chris does burn them in for a while but I wasn't prepared for the immediate and dramatic change for the better in my system.

To burn them in further I have initially placed them on my Duo subs and the third cable on my CD, just so I could get a hang on them and to see if they improved my subs performance. The bass is lower and more punchy so I reduced the volume on my subs 1 click to combat some room boom and the vocal presence is more forward and more palpable. This is before I use them on my amps! Everything just ebbs and flows in a lifelike way. Even more shocked when I put on Damian Rice album, so 'in the room'.

I'm so amazed I'm going to order two more, even though I can't afford them. I'll stop eating and drinking if I have to.

Sorry Guys, just couldn't restrain my excitement.

Oh! must say that Chris' customer service is more than first class. Many emails exchanged and as always Chris was most helpful and patient. Nothing was too much trouble.

A public THANK YOU to Chris.


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