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VH Audio Cords

I promised myself and Chris VenHaus that I would relate my experiences with the VH Audio Flavor 2 and 4 power cords, the Hot Box 4-gang box and the Pulsar digital cable. This is not a review as I don't have enough comparative experience for that task. However, audio has been a life-long hobby (50+years) and I do pay very close attention to the sound of my system. I agree with others' here who have posted positive reviews of these products and, in general, I have heard what they report.

I found these to be tremendous bang-for-buck additions that compliment each other. I can give one example might add to the group discussion and summarize my feelings. After these cables had broken in (an excruciatingly long proposition) I was reminded that everything from the circuit box to the room and the placement of objects in the room, should be considered a single sound delivery system. Changes to one part of this unitary system affect the output of the whole and may require rethinking the utility of other parts of the sytem. In my case this meant that the REL subwoofer had to go. Why? Because the VH Audio cords and Hot Box produced much tighter, tuneful and extended bass and more realistic dynamics so that I discovered the REL was superfluous and obscuring some of the benefits of the power cords in my less than ideal-sized listening room. I can now hear better music from the Merlim TSMs because they are being fed a better signal and don't have to "fight" the REL through the bass and lower midrange. Depth and separation within the soundfield has also increased and I no longer have to subconsciously "strain" to maintain a coherent soundfield. Listening to music is now more relaxing and exciting, an oxymoronic proposition that I could not have imagined before installing the VH Audio products. My later speaker cable switch from TARA Labs to Audience AU24 greatly added to the conditions I have mentioned but that is for another posting.

The VH Audio products have let me come much closer to forgetting about what my system is and is not doing. Music now seems much more the result of musicians producing nuanced and emotional expression, both hard-driving and delicate. It is also a big plus that Chris has been prompt, attentive and fair with me. I would do business with him any time.

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