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VH Audio Flavor 2 and Airsine PCs: a note.

I recently bought the above cords and have found them to be major improvement over other cords I've tried and a superb value.
I had been alternating between a PS Audio Xstream Plus and a Shunyata Taipan Alpha on my Modwright SWL 9.0SE linestage. The latter was quick and very highly resolving but had a pronounced "silvery" tone; the former was richer sounding but not as clear and quick. Upon inserting the Flavor 2 (w Furutech Rhodium connectors) I found it as quick and resolving as the Taipan, and as full as the Plus, without any of their drawbacks.
A Flavor 2 (Furu. Rhodium) also replaced a Shunyata Sidewinder Gold on the power supply of my Modwright Sig. Truth Sony 999 with similar, if less pronounced, results: the former cord was fuller, more open, and more resolving.
Finally, I connected an Airsine (with Wattgate Gold connectors) to the Sony 999 in place of a Virtual Dynamics Nite I. This made a major difference with the Airsine being more open, resolving, tonally neutral, and extended on the top end, as well as quicker. The extension and tonal neutrality of the Airsine bears stressing as, as has been mentioned by others, it impresses by not having a recognizable sonic signature. Or at least one that, in my relatively limited experience of expensive cords, I can hear. Regardless, its virtues clearly allow music to flow through freely. All highly recommended.

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