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WBT Silver NextGen and Eichmann Silver bullet

I finally have had some time to seriously listen to the VH Audio Pulsars with both the WBT NextGen Silver RCAs and the Eichmannn Silver Bullets. I have used both pair with my CD player connnected to the preamp with another pair of Silver NextGen terminated Pulsars from Pre to amp.

The bottom line in my system is that I clearly prefer the NextGen (NG from here on out). The Eichmann Silver bullets(ESB for short) on the Pulsar is very nice as well. The ESBs kind of reminds me a very good silver cable like the Jaden Signatures I used to own. The ESB cable is defined and ever so slightly warm in my system. Percussion and bass are full and rich in a good way without being bloated. Mids are smooth with no rough edges or irregularities in response. Focus is good with instruments clearly delineated. Depth is also good and highs are extended and smooth. The whole picture is laid out on a black velvet background with very little apparent noise. Images emerge from this black background with good localization and with a solid integrated stage. One minor quirk is on vocal pieces where the singer is increasing in volume as the notes change, the image seems to spread out slightly from a localized area to cover more of the soundstage. Bloom if you will.

I would think that the ESB Pulsars would be fantastic for any system tending toward brightness or one that is a bit peaky in the upper registers or mids. Smooth is the order of the day with some slight veiling but no grain or glare.

The NG terminated Pulsars in my system are clearly several steps above the ESBs. And they are the best sounding ICs I have heard in my system as it exists today. Bass is clearly more defined with much better realism on all percussion compared to the ESB. Claps and stick sounds are more real with the NG. Dynamics seem ever so slightly better as well. In fact, the overall gain seems a bit more with the NG when switching back and forth between the two outputs on the CD and the two inputs on the preamp. Mids are more defined and slightly more forward with the NG. The window on female vocalists is more clear and breathy sounds on reed instruments and voice more apparent. This is all without any apparent peakiness or exageration. Smooth recordings or components remain that way. Edgey stuff is reporduced with the edge. The vocal dynamics issue I mentioned with the ESBs is not here. Focus remains stable with an increase in volume coming frmon the sam sources area. The soundstage overall is much less like a flat velter black plane and more like sounds emerging from space without a plane as a reference point. In other words violins and backing volcals are not so wide individually and seem more individual. This also contrubtes to no perception of adde warmth like the ESB. I think the lower mids and upper bass in the ESB is an area that creates more energy in my system. The NG sounds more clean and free of this addition in my system. BTW- Before anyone asks, I have not tried or heard the copper bullets or copper WBT NextGens with any IC.

We are talking minor differences, but they are quite audible in my system. All in all I like them both with the nod in my environment going to the NG. Obvioussly, this is only my opinion and others may disagree. I hope this helps those who have an interest in these RCAs to get a feel for what the differences may be in a given system. I also have to say the Pulsars are very nice cables and certainly capable of highlighting differences in RCAs. As Duster and Todd Krieger have pointed out, the RCAs may be the most important component of the IC. To these ears it certainly has a meaningful role to play in the overall presentation.

Thanks to all who have enlightened and educated me over the years.


system- Modded Jolida 100 CD with VH OIMP Caps, Pulsars with NG, DeHavilland UltraVerve with super low noise NOS octals, Pulsars with NG, Bel Canto Evo 4 in differential mode, VH Audio Star Quad wire, Sonoran Plateau Jumpers, SP Technolgies Timepiece speakers, Herbies ebony ball and cups under pre and amp, tenderfeet under CD.

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