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A mystery, but a direction

Personally I landed on VH Audio Cryo Pulsars with Eichmann plugs as the best value for my system. I can endorse Chris VH's engineering and customer service as being first rate. FOR MY SYSTEM (!!!) these are just wonderful wires. I had CArdas, DH Labs, Blue Jean cables, LAT--a bunch more. VH Audio really did the trick.

Another way to go is Element Cable's Twisted pair interconnects which work off a lauded design by Jon Risch. I haven't tried this design, but more people swear by them than swear at them. This is a good sign.

I would recommend that you stick with one manufacturer for you interconnects. You begin to hear the differences otherwise. Every system has its own voice.Wires do help tune that voice and open or close the window it speaks out of.

As to Power cables, I use and recommend Chris VH's Flavor 4, especially for your amp. I have Moon Audio's Green hooked to my CDP and Tuner with very good results. My Preamp has a DH Labs power cable until I get another Flavor 4. The DH works quite well, however.

Speaker wires--I use Mapleshade double helix now after trying a slough of others. I like them, but again, your system will like or not like something that works on my system almost by definition.

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