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Preamp help- Bel Canto Pre 1 v Cary SLP2002

I'm looking for a 2 ch preamp to improve 2 ch perf of a HT system. HT pass through/bypass is needed. Associated equipment is Pass Labs X350 amplification and Proac Response 2.5 spkrs.

I've had the Bel Canto Pre 1 and Cary SLP 2002 recommended by friends in other areas, but alas, no local dealers to demo.

Any help/input is greatly appreciated.

Anything else I'm missing (hoping for used under $2k).


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Topic - Preamp help- Bel Canto Pre 1 v Cary SLP2002 - Smitty 13:35:27 11/08/02 (3)

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